Head for Art is all about learning to look at art in a fun unfussy way. I’ve been an art fan for years and I believe in the power of a picture to transform your day (possibly your life). Art history is much more than staring at a wall and wondering when it’s time for lunch. Looking at art is really about gaining a visual toolkit that you can crack open at anytime. It’s about learning to really see anything you’re looking at, be that a billboard or a Bernini: visual literacy is the key to so much these days.

My “3 Minute Masterpiece” blog is about offering up accessible, bite-sized bits of art. Once a week I’ll pick a masterpiece in our UK national collections and write about it. Sometimes I’ll put on a nice top and some make-up and do a video blog. More often than not I’ll bring in something from daily life because I think art should be a part of our everyday. Come and join the fun: let’s learn to look together.