Head for Art is all about learning to look at art. In an accessible and enjoyable way. So no more staring at a gallery wall wondering when it’s time for lunch. Learning to look is really about building a visual toolkit that you can keep for life and crack open at any time, in front of anything, be that a billboard, a Bernini sculpture or a brilliant brick wall.

The Learning to Look blog explains how to read a work of art. It’s a year-long project that builds up your very own visual toolkit using approaches and language that art historians use. It begins with brief non-boring introductions to topics such as colour, composition and technique, getting to grips with the object and its formal properties. Then it’s onto aspects such as message, purpose and period. Once armed and ready we’ll test the toolkit on a series of case studies and art historical themes. It’s going to be a magical road trip to all sorts of places, so join us!